Sun N Beach



Sun N Beach Official Music Video

B.C. ft. Louka Madison


Filmed & edited by Feliks Khaykin

Produced and Engineered by: Brian Cole & Chase Kaplan

Beat produced by: Ricky White of Analog Fire

Artwork by Voodoo Bownz

Sun N Beach flyer 000

Sun N Beach #Primetime

I just wanna take a sec to say THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible. From the Extras (extra important), to the people who’ve been around the project as it’s developed to what it is. Your help was vital in creating my first “solo” music video. Much love and Respect! – B.C.



For more Louka check out her Fb page >> www.facebook.com/LoukaMadison

And you can check me out at >> www.facebook.com/Reach.BC


CHeCk yO mIND – Music Video

Official Music Video for b.FUNK’s “CHeCk yO mIND”

Filmed by: Ben Fredette Productions

Location: Rutgers (New Brunswick, NJ)

Mixtape – CHeCk yO mIND

The Bartender’s Agenda



Artwork by Voodoo Bownz


MC*BC Presents: The Bartender’s AgendaDownload  via hnhh

A freestyle series requested by the fans.


Drinks on me!  - @ColeRockinit


MCBC at Rock The Bells


GET YOUR TICKETS! Contact: b.FUNKmusic@gmail.com   /   908-922-2174


MCBC at Rock the bells?!?!?

NOT YET… first i gotta win The Battle of the Bells competition. And it goes a lil something like this:

10 artist.. only 1 winner will “Rock The Bells”

tickets are $15.00 each.

The judge will be hip hop artist Termanology. He will be JUDGING 3 CATEGORIES

1. Number of tickets sold
2. Performance
3. Songs / Lyrics


This is a tremendous opportunity to get onto the biggest hip-hop showcase in the world.

Thank you for helping me reach my dreams! Let’s Rock!

b.FUNK at Stage 48 – Photos by Ol’School Productions

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